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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prognosis For Lung Cancer - Treatment Review By Jenny Jackson

Can your cancer lung prognosis be improved? Cancer survivor, Karon Beattie, has compiled a cancer treatment reference book detailing over 350 alternative cancer treatments used by thousands of people who beat cancer. Although lung cancer is not always responsive to conventional cancer treatments, Beattie gives numerous accounts of people surviving lung cancer using alternative treatments. She states that these treatments are not covered by the FDA and usually not patentable by drug companies, resulting in poor knowledge among doctors.

Specifically in relation to lung cancer, Beattie's book, "Natural Cancer Treatments That Work", describes cases where a combination of nutritional supplements cured a patient's lung cancer. She gives an account of an across-the-counter supplement that nearly doubled the tumor response rate for non-small cell lung cancer in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Beattie goes on to describe how nine men with untreatable lung cancer experienced major improvements in their conditions after taking a common vitamin.

Beattie further describes a treatment that heats tumors without damaging surrounding tissue, resulting in survival rates of 91% at eighteen months after diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer for patients who had failed to respond to chemotherapy and radiation. This seems an astonishing outcome for a cancer given a poor prognosis by oncologists.

Beattie goes on to detail how a patented soup of cancer-fighting ingredients reversed a woman's stage IV non-small cell lung cancer and how a 54-year-old man eliminated a bean-sized tumor on his right lung after five weeks taking a mineral originally found in Lourdes, France, now more widely available. In addition, the author has collected first-hand accounts from 156 people who overcame lung cancer using natural and alternative treatments. It seems incredible that if stories like this are true, that they are not standard treatment for lung and other cancers.

Beattie says that the creators of the treatments detailed in her book, include respected Nobel Prize winners, biochemists, doctors, scientists and Ph.D.'s. She believes that many doctors may be unaware of these treatments because they only prescribe, and indeed are trained to prescribe treatments regulated by the FDA. Many of the alternative treatments she lists involve herbs and vitamins that are outside the jurisdiction of the FDA. Yet they are available.

Beattie does not advocate self-treatment and provides a detailed guide on where cancer patients can get these sorts of treatment and support.

Stories like these are hard to ignore for cancer sufferers and their loved ones who surely deserve the best available treatments.

Natural Cancer Treatments That Work is available from Alternative Medicine for Cancer Also available is a free guide on where to get treatment and support as well as free articles on cancer treatment options.

Prognosis For Lung Cancer

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